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Moving and Unpacking Services NYC

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At AKorganizing, LLC our mission is to reduce the stress and enhance the joy and excitement of moving to your new home. We do this by offering you help unpacking after a move. Our team of professional organizers provides expert guidance and hands-on organizing throughout the moving process. We have developed two signature moving services designed to provide unpacking help and make your life easier, the Pre -Move Purge™ and Unpack & Set Up™.

The Pre-Move Purge™ and decluttering service  is one of AKorganizing’s signature services and an essential step when preparing to move. We help you pare down your belongings so that you can start fresh in your new home with only the things you need and love.

We work with you to make the tough decisions on what to keep and what to toss or donate. What exactly do you do with your grandmother’s china, or that wobbly IKEA bookshelf you’ve had since college?

We have a list of local resources including charities that will pick up right from your door to eco-friendly junk removal companies!

De-cluttering before you move will make your move easier, more organized and less stressful. It will also cut down on moving costs because you will not be paying to move things you no longer want or need. When you get to your new home your belongings will be sorted and streamlined, making it easier to put away – saving you time and money.

Unpack & Set Up™

It is not uncommon to have unpacked boxes in your living room or bedroom 6 months after you move, or to have to go back and organize things that were hastily and haphazardly unpacked. Our Unpack & Set Up™ services help you avoid all of that.

Hiring a professional organizer will help you avoid costly time off from work, the stress of unpacking and most importantly disruption to your family’s routines. Our expert team of professional organizers will unpack and set up your new home in 1-5 days (one day for a smaller one bedroom and 5 days for a Townhouse or Brownstone) as opposed to the weeks or months it can normally take.

Our team of professional organizers will do all the heavy lifting and unpacking for you. We start with the kitchen, the hearth of the home, and then set up your kids’ rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, playrooms and living room (depending on your preference).

Every home is different. As Professional Organizers in NYC, we’ve organized hundreds of apartments, brownstones and lofts since AKorganizing, LLC was founded in 2006. As a result, our team can quickly and easily implement best practices to beautifully set up your new home. You get the extensive knowledge and experience of our team to help you maximize the space in your new home and set up effective organizational systems right from the start.

Once everything is unpacked and the boxes have been hauled away, you can relax, enjoy a good night’s sleep in your new home and wake up refreshed with your kitchen beautifully organized and ready for breakfast!

Marianne Williamson

Angela’s work moving me into a New York apartment was impeccable. She made something that seemed overwhelming to me seem effortless.”

Marianne Williamson
Best selling author & Lecturer, New York, NY

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