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Real Estate Brokers

Declutter and Depersonalize

Do you have a listing that has great bones but is just so cluttered its difficult for buyers to envision themselves in the space.

Angela and her team will work with your client to expertly help them declutter the space creating an inviting and open feel that will attract buyers and allow them to easily envision themselves in the space.

Closets and Kitchens

As part of the staging process we prepare closets, the pantry and kitchen cabinets so that they show beautifully when buyers look inside. Chaotic, disorganized closets and cabinets can turn buyers off. We make sure this doesn’t happen.

Light Staging & Styling

At AKorganizing, LLC we stage a space using the client’s existing furniture and accessories. We get your client’s home picture perfect and ready for your first open house.

Unpack and Set Up

This luxurious, white glove service is perfect for both your buyers and sellers.

Our expert team of professional organizers will unpack and set up your client’s new home quickly and beautifully. We set up a space within 1-5 days (one day for a smaller one bedroom and 5 days for a Townhouse or Brownstone) as opposed to the weeks or months it can normally take.

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Angela’s work moving me into a New York apartment was impeccable. She made something that seemed overwhelming to me seem effortless.”

Marianne Williamson
Best selling author & Lecturer, New York, NY


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