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Angela’s work moving me into a New York apartment was impeccable. She made something that seemed overwhelming to me seem effortless.

Marianne Williamson
Best selling author & Lecturer,  New York, NY


So obsessed with @akorganizing. She is the most amazing organizer ever and makes ME look disorganized!

Bethenny Frankel
TV Personality, Entrepreneur & Author, New York, NY
@Bethenny/Twitter 12:27 PM – 8 Jul 2015

photo credit: Alex Silverman


Client Testimonials

Angela and her team were amazing! We had a very challenging situation moving into a new home in the middle of a renovation with no closets or cabinets at the time. By the time those projects were finished, our stuff was all over the place, along with at least a dozen large boxes that we packed originally with no rhyme or reason. Angela’s team had everything put away by the end of the first day! The next two days were spent purging tons of stuff we never used but for some reason carried with us from move to move. Angela’s team dealt with everything, making trips to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for storage solutions and to Housing Works for donations. Scheduling was incredibly easy – all I did was send an email with a brief description of what we needed, within two days we had a date on the books, and in a week it was all done! And Angela couldn’t be kinder or more professional throughout the process. Wish I could give 10 stars.

Sam M.
New York, NY

I cannot say enough great things about Angela and her team. They worked endless hours to make sure that our new apartment was unpacked, well organized and felt like a true home. Her design and organizational systems are so functional and easy to maintain. I cannot imagine another move transition without Angela and her team by my side!”

Samantha S. 
New York, NY


My closets and drawers were so overloaded and unorganized – to the point where I couldn’t find anything, my outfits were wrinkled and I couldn’t even keep track of what I owned. Angela and her team patiently and painstakingly went through all my items with me, helping me decide what to keep, what to consign and what to donate – even dropping off my donation items for me. They organized my closets and drawers and helped me design a system for fitting everything into my existing space, including helping me choose and set up a linen cabinet for my bedding and towels.  

Hiring Angela and decluttering my closets was one of the best things I have done for myself. It has given me absolute peace of mind. So far I have been able to maintain the organization system that Angela set up for me instead of delving further into more chaos and clutter. Not only does everything LOOK so much better, but she created a system that saves me time when I need to get dressed for work or pack for a trip.

I highly recommend using Angela’s services. She offers unique solutions, can work around even the busiest of schedules and has the patience of a saint!”

A.N., Corporate Attorney

quoteAngela and her team were beyond incredible with both service and passion offered in helping me unpack and move in to my new apartment.With a no-nonsense attitude, they quickly grasped my lifestyle, made amazing suggestions and then executed! Additionally, Angela offered amazing suggestions for the setup of my 4 dogs. In a nutshell, hiring Angela was by far, one of the best investments I have made. I now have a clutter-free home and a free mind! Believe it or not, there’s a direct connection! Run, don’t walk….hire her!”

Murray Hill

Angela did an amazing job with my move-in. When I moved to Manhattan I was recovering from an injury, wherein I could hardly move, and I had a five-year-old in tow. To top it off, I had shipped way too much furniture from my house in CA for my tiny apartment in NYC and when my boxes arrived, none of them were labeled! I called Angela in great distress and she immediately put me at ease. She was able to organize and unload all the boxes, sort out all the excess furniture and arrange each room to suit me and my son. She kept me in the loop throughout the whole process and also made furniture recommendations, designed storage solutions and helped with logistics. This was all done in a timely manner and my son and I were able to settle-in with ease.I truly appreciate and am thankful for Angela’s professionalism, expertise, timeliness, and friendly approach.”

Jan I, Writer, Mom
Upper West Side


I cannot thank you enough for working with Greg and me yesterday. We have lived together for just over a year and after working with you, we have finally begun to feel that our home is integrated, and fully “ours.” You helped us combine our possessions, and made space for our individual needs, and affirmed our shared commitment to creating a comfortable welcoming home. And you left us with all kinds of ideas and actions to take and a clear path for carrying them out! When I woke up this morning, our bedroom felt spacious and calm and my coat closet was organized and easy to pull coats from. It was a delight!”

Allison L, Journalist
Brooklyn, NY


Working with Angela was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  I am guilty of having way too many balls in the air at all times – and I like it that way. Still, I was running myself into the ground and feeling more anxious and stressed than energized and clear.  Angela helped me to prioritize self care – despite my tendency to neglect myself – and come up with a system to accomplish what is most important to me in my life and career. She is laser focused and will not let you fall into old habits or get away with letting little time stealing habits throw you off track.  I am so glad that I decided to seek Angela’s help in organizing my time and recommend her without hesitation .”

Wokie N, Transformational Leadership Coach, Mom
Bronx, NY


Angela is a Powerhouse!! I Iwas overwhelmed with what seemed to me a daunting task…my linen and coat closets, both overloaded with years of accumulated “stuff”. Just thinking about emptying the closets scared me. But Angela came in, quelled my fears, and took over the task with ease. In no time, my closets were emptied and the contents organized into sensible piles. Angela helped me decide what to keep, donate, and toss.

Then she helped organize and arrange the “keep” items back into the closets…logically and beautifully. I keep opening the closets to peek in and see how wonderful they look. No more rummaging around for stuff I can’t find, and no more shame about overloaded closets with stuff I don’t use or need. The things I use and need are now easily accessible. This is the second time Angela has helped me with my closet clutter. Last time we did my clothes closets, which are now arranged, by color, just like in the magazines!! I could never have done this without her and recommend her most highly.

Patti, Speech Therapist
Brooklyn, NY

Angela is amazing! She is a trusted resource, extremely knowledgeable and very discreet. I initially hired Angela and her team at AKorganizing after an extensive search of NAPO certified organizers to help my employer and his wife (an entrepreneurial power couple) find several solutions to organize their home. Specifically, we needed an organizer to help build systems for an overflow of gifts, tote bags and suitcases from business travel and professional conferences that were spilling into the bedroom and living room.

Not only did she reconfigure the walk-in closet to better accommodate everything, but she added two additional closets in the bedroom for shoes, folded clothing and accessories! Angela also organized the linen and utility closets, as well as, the play area for my boss’s young son. We are currently working on volumes of documents, books, photos, supplies and artwork in the home office. She even helped me reconfigure my tiny bathroom that had no cabinets in a matter of minutes. She is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her for any project, big or small!

Brooklyn, NY

Angela really knows her stuff! My living room looked like a tornado hit it until Angela helped my sister-in-law Tazeen and I organize the huge variety of items cluttering my room from the two businesses I run from my home. She has imparted a lot of calm into the room as it no longer takes me 20 minutes to find the tv remote! I highly recommend her services.”

Hillary W., Business Owner
Queens, NY

Angela practices what she preaches. When assessing my apartment clutter, she used all her experience and skill to figure out what I needed, what I didn’t, and what I was ready to throw out. We worked together on all areas of my apartment. Her suggestions were creative, cost effective, and could be accomplished quickly. Even if you think you can do it yourself – you just can’t. Using a professional like Angela will open up a new world of organization and space.”

Joyce Z. , Former NYC Judge, Artist
New York, NY


I highly recommend Angela. She is extremely professional and easy to work with. She provides an initial phone consultation with suggestions for starting the work prior to the first session. My home office has been transformed! I have definitely experienced increased efficiency and productivity as a result of our work together!”

Wendy C, Actor & Business Owner
New York, NY

Angela helped me organize six months of documents in six hours! She is supportive, encouraging and she created a system that is easy for me to follow and maintain.”

Monica S., Filmmaker
New York, NY

I would recommend Angela to anyone for organizing. She helped me greatly with my clutter and apartment space, and really tailored her solutions to meet my specific needs. She is also very understanding of the emotional process organizing can involve and worked compassionately with me through the entire process.”

Susan T, Actress
New York, NY

Angela helped me set up my son’s room after a pretty hectic move. As a 7 month pregnant mother of a two year old with nesting instinct in full swing, being limited during the move was a challenge but Angela’s warm smile settled me almost instantly. Plus my toddler adored her!

Ariana S, Teacher, Mom
New York, NY


Angela helped me organize my workspace both at home and at the office in a very short amount of time. I couldn’t have done it without her.”

Anna MM, Real Estate Broker, Musician, Mom
Brooklyn, NY

After my desk area had been in the situation it was for the duration that it was, the time came where I said to myself “I need a professional.” And I’m so happy that Angela was the professional I found. Her advice and skill set seemed to mesh perfectly with what I needed and helped me achieve a greater level of clarity on a number of levels. After I had had several hours and a few visits worth of the “deluxe” package, my friends had even said that I had “looked” different, perhaps noticing the sense of renewal I was experiencing after Angela’s visits.

As the saying goes, thoughts are things, but things are also thoughts. Having clean space will help alleviate mental stress in ways that you might not appreciate until you “call in a professional” to help implement. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was like getting a “clutterectomy.” It felt like a longstanding silent burden was removed from my desk area, but more importantly, from my mind.”

Michael L, Entrepreneur
Queens, NY

As one of three young professional guys who work long hours, I used to come home each day to find an apartment that was cluttered and disorganized. The whole experience was pretty depleting. Our appointment with Angela was the spark my roommates and I needed to get organized in a cooperative way. She helped us think systematically about how to get what we needed: organization and, ultimately, peace of mind.”

Alex M.
New York, NY

I wear many hats at my nonprofit organization, the main ones being 1) a programmer of academic events and projects, and 2) a web manager not only for my own events and projects, but for everyone’s events and projects in my company of 7 people, without administrative support.  Before availing myself of Angela’s time management coaching, I felt like I was running from crisis to crisis. I was putting in late nights even during seemingly non-crunch times.  Angela helped me to organize it all into manageable time buckets.  Today, I am able to take lunch hours without feeling guilty, and I spend far fewer late nights, so my work/life balance is enhanced.  In addition, the work time map you developed with me helps engage me in work that takes advantage of my changing energy levels throughout the day.  Thank you so much for your advice!

Jeff N, Senior Program and Web Manager
New York, NY

I wanted to thank you for our consultation and your wonderful help! I have been so thrilled to have things rearranged and moved into more harmony; it has increased my happiness level lots!

Karen F. , Director of Wellness Program
New York, NY

Angela is direct and focused on practical solutions. I had to restructure my one-bedroom apartment to accommodate a temporary roommate, and I work from home. Not a small challenge! Using Skype, I took her on a virtual tour of my apartment and she pointed out things that could be moved around that I hadn’t even considered.

She made suggestions for where to place things to avoid a packed feeling and to keep it all workable. I now have a project plan that allows me to improve things over time. It made a daunting project manageable and I am looking forward to implementing it!

Deborah B. , Management Consultant
New York, NY


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