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Professional Home Organizer NYC

We are professional home organizers in NYC who work with busy New Yorkers who either don’t have the skills to organize on their own or simply don’t have the time.

Our team of NYC professional organizers is skilled at organizing all areas of a NYC home including:

  • Kitchens
  • Closets
  • Kids’ Rooms
  • Home Offices

What you get with AKorganizing, LLC Home Organizing Service:

  • Peace of mind, comfort and calm
  • Customized solutions to make life easier for you and your family
  • Best practices and creative solutions for organizing a NYC home
  • Help in making the tough decisions on what to keep, toss or donate (and places to donate the things you no longer need or love)
  • A list of trusted and vetted resources (including movers, handy men, housekeepers, designers, decorators, painters and contractors)
  • A Certified Professional Organizer® led team of organizers dedicated to making your life easier and beautifully organizing your home

For our specialized moving services including our exclusive Pre -Move Purge™ and Unpack & Set Up™ visit our moving services page.

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I cannot thank you enough for working with Greg and me yesterday. We have lived together for just over a year and after working with you, we have finally begun to feel that our home is integrated, and fully “ours.” You helped us combine our possessions, and made space for our individual needs, and affirmed our shared commitment to creating a comfortable welcoming home. And you left us with all kinds of ideas and actions to take and a clear path for carrying them out! When I woke up this morning, our bedroom felt spacious and calm and my coat closet was organized and easy to pull coats from. It was a delight!”

Allison Lichter
Brooklyn, NY

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