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10 Reasons to Switch to a Digital Calendar

Have you been flirting with the idea of switching to a digital calendar? I recently made the switch and I have found 10, yes 10, super easy time saving features built in to a digital calendar that you just can’t get in a paper calendar. After decades of being a diehard fan of pa
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4 Tips for a Stress – Free Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us. If you are like me, you crave more joyful times with family and friends and less stress. Below are my 3 time management tips for a stress-free holiday season. Enjoy! Get Zen – According to time management expert, David Allen of Getting Things Done
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8 Ways to End Procrastination

Do you find yourself putting important tasks or projects off while spending valuable time on less important ones? You may be procrastinating. Procrastination is the act of replacing high-priority actions with tasks of lower priority, or doing something enjoyable while putting off impo
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