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How to Create and Print Envelopes; It's easier than you think!

You can create polished and professional printed envelopes quickly and easily. Here’s how…   Open MS word and go to Mailings Fill in the Delivery and Return Address Adjust the Fonts if you like Place envelope (s) in the printer face down as shown in the diagram Print ̵
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How To Organize Your Files Like a Pro – It's Easier Than You Think!

There is a life cycle to every document. What’s hot today becomes tomorrow’sarchives. Make timely decisions and keep things moving! Angela Kantarellis In my many years as a Professional Organizer, I have found that the number one reason for paper clutter is an ineffective
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Take Charge of Your Desk; 25 Top Clutter Culprits and What to Do About Them

Is your desk overrun with “stuff”. Below is a list of the top 25 clutter culprits to watch out for and what to do about them. Take charge of your desk. Do you most productive and creative work ever! 1. Mail – Open. File, Toss, Pay or Put in Tickler File. Put outgoing
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Boost Your Creativitiy with Stylish Desk Accessories

Stylish Desk Accessories can add character and whimsy to your workspace. Check out these great places to find high performing desk accessories in innovative designs.
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